Knoxville Lifestyle Portraits | The Widener Boys

So… long time no blogging!!  Sorry for the absence.  I have been horrible at getting my blogging done, my apologies.

I had the pleasure of photographing the sweet Widener boys for the second time this spring and they are such cuties!  Momma usually does fall pictures with the boys but really wanted some of her favorite spring blooms in the photos this year.  We took advantage of the lovely new peony garden installed last fall at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens and took the boys out to enjoy the blooms.  I hope you enjoy!

Widener-1001_blog Widener-1003_blog Widener-1004_blog Widener-1006_blog Widener-1009_blog Widener-1011_blog Widener-1017_blog Widener-1020_blog Widener-1023_blog Widener-1027_blog Widener-1031_blog Widener-1034_blog Widener-1040_blog Widener-1042_blog Widener-1050_blog Widener-1051_blog Widener-1057_blog Widener-1064_blog Widener-1067_blog Widener-1071_blog Widener-1074_blog

June 4, 2017

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