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It has been such a pleasure capturing all the milestones in this precious family’s life.  I have known Eric for over 20 years (wow, thats hard to believe!) and when they asked me to capture the whole family, I was so excited.  I really think capturing your entire family; parents, siblings and cousins as often as possible is so important.  Some of my favorite pictures are from when my daughter was around a year old and she is in pictures with my grandmother.

So friends if your whole family is going to be together sometime soon, like this weekend during Easter…. please pick up a camera and hand it to a neighbor get an image of your whole family.  I’d love to capture those moments for you as well!

Enjoy the Counts family, everyone was in town to celebrate Dad’s 78th birthday, a milestone not to be missed!

Knoxville Family Photographer

Knoxville Family Photographer

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March 29, 2018

  1. lOIS sTEWART nELSON says:

    Absolutely wondrful job capturing my family. I am Aunt lois..Chips mothers sister. LOVE all the pics!

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