Capitol Theatre Maryville, TN Wedding | Brooke & Andy

There is no better time to have a wedding at the Capitol Theatre in Maryville, TN than the very beginning of November!!  Brooke and Andy picked the perfect venue that speaks to their unique personalities and careers (they are both in the television and film production industry) and the Capitol Theatre evokes the perfect classic Hollywood style oozing with red carpet treatment.

When you are the oldest of four sisters your wedding day is going to be pretty special, when your two younger sisters start their toast gushing with love and joy for their big sister and speaking about what an amazing part of the family your groom has already become, it’s nearly impossible to hold back the tears.  As your dad takes the microphone and begins with, “as some of you may have noticed I am a dad to 4 amazing daughters, three in their twenties and a three year old…yes, same mother” the crowd of family and friends immediately erupts with joy and laughter.  He then proceeds to describe with such poise and grace that this is his first wedding (there will be more, haha with all those daughters) but this is the first, and she is the first, and for a short period time she was the ONLY one.  Moving doesn’t begin to describe it. I barely held back the tears as I captured their joy and love.

Brooke and Andy, I will never forget my first meeting with Brooke and her love and excitement for Andy and this day was so evident when we first met over coffee.  Their engagement session was a wonderful spring day full of laughing and giggles. I am also just now realizing that I never actually blogged their engagement session (I am a blogging failure), sorry I will go back and add that in later.  But what I will remember most is the way you held each other tight and never wanted to let go.  You were both beaming with joy and I hope that joy fills the rest of your days as husband and wife.

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Venue:  The Capitol Theatre in Maryville, TN
Photographer:  Mandy Hart Photo, Knoxville TN
Catering: Sullivan’s Downtown
Hair:  Hair by Desilee
Makeup:  Beauty by Blair 
Wedding Bands:  Kay Jewelers
Engagement Ring:  James Allen
Bride & Bridesmaid Attire:  David’s Bridal
Bride’s Shoes:  Kate Spade
Groom & Groomsmen Attire:  Men’s warehouse
Cake:  B Sweet Bakery
Invitations:  Letter Box Inc.


November 20, 2018

  1. Anna Aycock says:

    Mandy! You are an excellent photographer! I wish you lived in Nashville! Thank you for all of the energy and expertise tbat you brought!

    • Mandy Hart says:

      Ms. Anna, thank you so much for your kind words. I love what I do and I am so blessed. I also love to travel 🙂 Nashville is not that far.

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