My girl at 10

It is hard to believe that my little muse has already been 10 for an entire month.  Did you read that???  10!  TEN whole years old.  I literally can not believe just how fast the time flies.  Everyone says it… and when you are in the thick of middle of the night feedings, diapers up to your eyeballs and toddler tantrums it is really hard to believe those people.  Trust me, it goes by soooo very fast.  It has taken me a little while to get to this because we arrived home from an international trip to Botswana and the Seychelles in December (check out that post here!) and we came home the evening before her birthday.  AND then, Christmas was one week later… and New Years one week later…. and back to school one week later.  You get the picture!  It was a little cray!!!!

Last week I finally got an opportunity to take her out and shoot some updated pictures.  You may think that I am taking pictures of her alllllllll the time and sometimes I am, but I still aim to be purposeful and try to take some real (read real as….. picked out clothes and actually brushed your hair, haha) pictures at least twice a year.  It is really amazing just how much they really do change in the matter of 6 months.  So in full disclosure, I took these images one day after picking her up from school.  I had packed an outfit and brought with me.  Well, it turns out the new jeans that I bought for her are way too big and would have fallen off.  So thankfully she had on grey leggings under her uniform that day.  It doesn’t look great but we went with it. Oh and I really wish the purple fitbit had not been in all the pictures! That’s just how life works I suppose.

I hope you enjoy a little look at this lady at 10.  She is full of spunk and pizzazz and I hope that never changes.  She is kind, gentle and loving.  I adore watching her with kids in our neighborhood who are younger!  She takes my breath away with her grace and patience with them, something I don’t always see in our own interactions.  She loves to snuggle today more than when she was a toddler and I will soak up every single minute of those snuggles. She is adventurous but cautiously reserved.  She is going to move mountains one day, when she decides what mountain to move!  Take a look at the bottom for a peak at her all through the years.

If it’s been a while since you got pictures of your kids, reach out and I would love to chat!

Riley Age 10-1000_blogRiley Age 10-1007_blog Riley Age 10-1003_blogRiley Age 10-1004_blogRiley Age 10-1006_blogRiley Age 10-1001_blogRiley Age 10-1009_blog Riley Age 10-1010_blog Riley Age 10-1012_blog Riley Age 10-1013_blog Riley Age 10-1014_blog Riley Age 10-1016_blog Riley Age 10-1017_blog Riley Age 10-1019_blog Riley Age 10-1020_blog Riley Age 10-1021_blog

And a look back 2009 to current!

Riley 2009 BW-1000_insta-2

January 18, 2019

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